The Future of Financial Planning is Here

Deliver greater value and add more revenue with Estate Plans.


Financial Advisors benefit from Helios because they expand their services, offer more value, develop generational relationships with their clients, and gain a competitive advantage.

Deepen the value of financial planning.

Quarterback the process of gathering the information needed to create a basic, attorney-quality estate plan.

Provide additional benefits to your clients

Make succession planning a priority

Strengthen your clients future

Create deeper relationships

Get an edge over the competition.

Estate planning can now be used as a unique way for your firm to communicate another unique value proposition. For many, providing Estate Planning coordination may entice prospects who previously did not see enough value in standard planning advice to become a client. Alternatively, advisors can now provide these services at no additional cost to their clients (advisor absorbs the cost) as a way to strengthen an existing relationship.

Supporting the Entire USA

The Helios Integrated Planning system provides full Estate Planning services for all 50 states and Washington DC, including the supplemental documents required for each Estate Plan. All documents are state-specific based on the address used by the Advisor’s client. 

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Clients benefit from Helios because they get attorney-quality estate plans at a fraction of the cost that attorneys charge.

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